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Response to Anti-racism Motion

Greens MLA Andrew Braddock moved a motion today regarding something he calls ‘anti-racism’. On behalf of the Canberra Liberals, I denounced racism in any form and acknowledged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s unique experiences of racism.

Much of the rest of the motion was sloppy, calling on the ACT Government to do things it is already doing or is legally required to do. Many Canberrans have lost faith in this government, but I found it odd for a member of the coalition prod his own government this way.

I also expressed my pride in belonging to Canberra’s most multicultural political party. In the 2020 election, the Canberra Liberals preselected three times more culturally and linguistically diverse candidates than Labor and the Greens combined, and we were the only party to elect some of those candidates.

Nevertheless, I rejected Mr Braddock’s attempt to make me undergo ‘anti-racism training’. This replicates a failed national Greens policy to force all MPs and Commonwealth workers to be indoctrinated in ‘white privilege’, ‘white fragility’, etc. I found it absurd for Mr Braddock to lecture people like Canberra Liberals leader Elizabeth Lee (also a migrant) and me on racism.

I did, however, offer for the Canberra Liberals to provide ACT Labor and the Greens with some practical ‘anti-racist training’!

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