Whether you live in the Ginninderra Electorate or have issues concerning Families, Youth & Community Services or Multicultural Affairs, I can do a number of things to bring your concerns to the attention of the ACT Government. These include: 




If you have questions or concerns about your neighbourhood or about ACT Government services, please contact my office. I will prepare a representation on your behalf to seek answers or a solution from the responsible government minister. It currently takes about 30 to 40 days to receive a response for you.


Each sitting week, I have the opportunity to directly ask the ACT government questions, both 'on notice' and 'without notice'. These questions and their answers are public in nature and are published in Hansard. They therefore do not suit more personal matters, but they may be appropriate if you have concerns of a general nature.

Please click here to view the 2018 sitting calendar.

Transcripts of sittings are available on Hansard.

Matters of Public Importance

Another opportunity to raise issues of general concern occurs each Tuesday and Thursday that the Assembly sits. All non-government MLAs are able to submit a Matter of Public Importance to be debated, selected in a random draw.  I have been able to raise matters ranging from the importance of road maintenance to the importance of cultural competence in providing mental health services.

I also take these opportunities to address other members' matters so that all Canberran's voices are heard. I have, for example, spoken on how the ACT Government needs to engage in genuine community consultation and needs to be provide public transport that actually services those who depend on it. Please let me know what issues are important to you so that I can make sure your voice is heard in these debates too.

Click here to view the 2018 sitting calendar.





A motion calls upon the ACT Government to respond to a significant issue of general importance. I have moved motions on issues ranging from preventing child abuse to improving the dangerous intersection of Tillyard and Ginninderra drives. Please talk to me if you have issues that you think might be best addressed by calling upon the government in this way.

Click here to view the 2018 sitting calendar.



Petitions are formal documents, signed by ACT residents, that call on the government to take some action about a concern or grievance. Anyone can start a petition, but an MLA must sponsor it. The ACT allows for both traditional paper petitions and for online e-petitions.

To be valid, both kinds of petitions must comply with specific guidelines. If you would like help with drafting a petition or are looking for a sponsor, please contact me.

Click here to access more information about petitions. Click here to view current petitions that I am sponsoring as well as my other initiatives.




Freedom of Information

Public access to government information is a key element in a representative democracy. Under the Freedom of Information Act, everyone has a legal right to request government information as long as access is not contrary to public interest. Please contact my office if you would like assistance in making a Freedom of Information request to the ACT Government.


Adjournment Speeches

Each sitting day ends with an adjournment 'debate'. This is an opportunity for MLAs to speak briefly on topics of personal importance. I like to use this opportunity to highlight the hard work and sacrifice of Canberra's various community organisations, charities, volunteers, multicultural groups and so forth. If you know a group that deserves some kudos, please don't hesitate to let me know.




Please use the following links to access my social media channels, where you will find photos, media links and other information:


Click here to view my media releases to local radio, TV and newspaper journalists.



As your local MLA, I am always available to meet with you to discuss matters that you find important. Please contact me to arrange a time suitable to both of us. I am happy to visit your home, meet up at the local shops or welcome you to my office in the Legislative Assembly. 

I also greatly enjoy meeting with community organisations, charities, volunteer organisations, multicultural groups and so forth. Please contact me to let me know what you're up to and invite me to participate.

I hold a mobile office at a local shopping centre in Belconnen on many Fridays. 

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