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Listening to GPs re Payroll Tax

My Canberra Liberals colleagues and I have tried everything to stop the ACT government imposing a new payroll tax on general practitioners. Our motion in May was defeated, and last month Labor and the Greens blocked debate on a bill that would have exempted GPs from payroll tax. (The Act already exempts hospitals, education providers, and employment agencies, amongst others.)

We tried again today by calling on the government to listen to what GPs are saying about this new tax: it will make seeing a doctor more expensive and threatens the survival of many general practices. I pointed out that, based on his answers in Question Time yesterday, Chief Minister Barr’s goal is to break the back of Canberra’s primary healthcare system. He and his accomplices don’t care if they make it harder or more expensive for Canberrans to see their GPs in the process.

I shared figures from a Belconnen GP showing that the costs of operating in the ACT are so high that bulk-billing all of her patients would leave her earning less than the current minimum wage. Of course, none of this moved Labor or Greens MLAs, who voted unanimously not to listen to GPs on this topic.

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