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ACT Housing concerns in Scullin and Holt

Today, I speak of my constituents in Holt and Scullin that I have written to the Minister for Housing about. I am deeply concerned about the failure of the ACT government and its Minister to uphold its promise of safety for the people of Canberra: its promise enshrined in the agreements made with ACT Housing tenants - a promise of quiet enjoyment of their homes and neighbours.

As outlined on the ACT Housing website, these agreements are clear: tenants are not to transfer their tenancy without permission, and not allow unauthorised individuals to move in. They are to submit new applications if necessary, and importantly, they are to ensure that neither they or their visitors create disturbances or excessive noise.

Yet despite these clear requirements, we find ourselves in a situation where these agreements are being breached, and the sanctity of quiet and safe enjoyment is being shattered. The consequences are dire: residents are left feeling unsafe, scared in their own homes; their peace disrupted by noise, disturbance, threats for their lives and abuse. This should never have been allowed to occur, and I call on the Minister of Housing to condemn these violent acts (and yes, police were called).

This failure of the Minister to enforce these agreements is not just an administrative oversight - it’s a betrayal of trust. It’s a failure to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of Canberra’s residents.

We cannot stand idly by as this breach of trust continues. We must hold our government accountable and demand action to rectify this situation. Every Canberran deserves to feel safe and secure in their own home, and it’s time for the government to fulfil its obligations to ensure just that.


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