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Isaac Delivers to feel included in Canberra community

Life can be tough for Isaac, who has an intellectual disability and struggles with basic learning and communication skills, but that doesn’t stop him from making a name for himself in the Canberra community. With his big, irresistible smile and the support of family and friends, Isaac now runs Isaac Delivers, a small business that provides regular deliveries throughout the Canberra region.

Elizabeth Kikkert MLA with Isaac.

ACT Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services, Elizabeth Kikkert had the pleasure of meeting Isaac last year, where she was introduced to his business and close circle of family and friends.

Mrs Kikkert accompanied Isaac for the launch of his first carpool karaoke delivery yesterday morning in support of his business, as well as indulging his love for music and dancing.

“It was wonderful to meet Isaac and to be able to show my support for him and the work that he does as a valued and contributing member of society,” Mrs Kikkert said today.

Amidst singing and dancing in the delivery car together, Isaac’s team had the opportunity to interview Mrs Kikkert.

“I am excited to help Isaac feel included in his community. Inclusion is all about making sure that each individual feels valued; that their unique insights and experiences are to be respected, and that we should mindfully consider and include them in our daily lives,” said Mrs Kikkert.

“Isaac Delivers is an important business enterprise for Isaac, who feels he is able to provide a worthwhile service to his clients. As a part of his work, Isaac gets to meet new people and make friends and social connections that would not otherwise be easy to come by for a person with a disability,” Mrs Kikkert concluded.

For more information, or to support Isaac Delivers, please visit his website, or ring 0466 013 425.


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