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No buses for Macrossan Crescent

When I was first elected, residents who live in/near Macrossan Crescent, Latham, asked me to please help them get weekend bus service. They had weekday service, but on Saturdays and Sundays they were forced to walk more than a kilometre to catch a bus. Three times I wrote to the minister on behalf of these residents. Each time, I was assured that their request would be considered as part of the next network update, but nothing ever changed.

Then along came Network 19, with its slash-and-burn approach to suburban bus services in preparation for operating the new tram, and Latham residents who had politely asked for weekend service lost their weekday buses too. Now they have to walk more than one kilometre to catch a bus every day, in clear violation of rule 4 in the government’s own Estate Development Code. This week, Labor and the Greens had one more opportunity to do the right thing and re-establish bus service in Macrossan Crescent. They didn’t, but I stood up once again to tell them they should.

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