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Rising number of dog attacks need to be addressed

As government statistics clearly show, the number of reported dog attacks in Canberra keeps going up and up whilst the resources to deal with these attacks do not. As I spend time meeting and speaking with the people in my electorate of Ginninderra, the problem of dangerous dogs has become one of the top issues people raise with me.

Dog owners are concerned. After all, the most common victim of a dog attack is another dog. Those who own other animals are likewise concerned. As we have seen recently, an animal as large as an alpaca can be fatally wounded in a dog attack. People who own no pets have also shared with me stories of being attacked or threatened by dangerous dog.

For all these reasons, I spoke in the Assembly today in support of my colleague Nicole Lawder’s motion, calling on the ACT Government to provide the resources needed to ensure that the current dog laws are effectively enforced and that when attacks by dangerous dogs occur, they are taken seriously and investigated quickly. As a dog owner, I want all Canberrans and their treasured pets to be kept safe from harm.

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