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Odour Control Units

As part of tis Belconnen Trunk Sewer Upgrade Project, ACT Government-owned Icon Water is constructing four new odour control units or OCUs, two in Latham, one in Florey, and one in Evatt. Residents have been assured in factsheets and online that OCUs ‘do not smell’. Residents who live near OCUs in West Macgregor, however, have complained to me for some years that they do smell, especially on hot, windy days.

I rose in the Assembly today to speak on behalf of residents who live near the OCUs that are under construction. I asked the ACT Government to carefully investigate the complaints from West Macgregor residents and use whatever is learnt to improve the operation of the new units. (Update from November 2022: Icon Water officials confirmed to me in hearings that there have been confirmed odour problems with the OCUs in West Macgregor. I was assured that these issues have been addressed regarding the new OCUs. I will certainly be following up.)

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