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Motion of no confidence - Minister Emma Davidson

Following a series of dire failures in her portfolios, the Canberra Liberals called for an expression of no confidence in Minister Emma Davidson.

Minister Davidson has responsibility over the delivery of physical and mental healthcare at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC). During her time as the Minister for Justice Health, several health outcomes at the prison have gotten worse.

Since 2019, the number of detainees who found it difficult to access general and specialist medical services has gone up. As have the number of detainees who find it difficult to access over-the-counter medication.

Staff have also found it difficult to perform their responsibilities as they must operate in a clinic built for no more than 255 detainees. The population of the AMC for the last five years has been closer to 400. Since the prison was built, there has been no expansion of the clinic. An expansion was planned several years ago, but the project was shelved. There are no public plans to restart the expansion.

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