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Kippax Fair Expansion

Lack of adequate parking at Kippax has been a concern for many years, growing worse as the West Belconnen population increases in Ginninderry and other areas.

The 2019 Kippax Master Plan states that ‘convenient and accessible parking at Kippax is of central importance’ and requires that any redevelopment of car parks must include ‘replacement public parking’.

In November 2022, the government sold off a public car park but violated its own Master Plan by not providing any replacement parking. The new owners of the block have fenced off the area for public liability reasons, causing a loss of 66 unlimited parking spaces.

The impact has been severe. There are now days and times when it is almost impossible to park, and traders consequently report declines in both foot traffic and sales. There is a very real risk that some traders will not survive this loss of customers and revenue, especially as they approach the crucial Christmas shopping period.

Today I presented a petition in the Assembly calling for urgent action and signed by 536 people across just three days. The petition asks the ACT Government to resume public liability insurance for the closed car park until construction can begin in 12–18 months, allowing it to reopen; to reconfigure the remaining car parks, as recommended in the Master Plan; and/or to create temporary parking until the expansion of Kippax Fair can provide 450 new underground parking spaces.

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