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International students ask Labor-Greens government to treat them fairly

Today I was pleased to present a petition on behalf of more than 500 international students calling on the ACT government to treat them with fairness.

The government continued to encourage these students to move to Canberra as a step towards applying for a 190 visa even after it knew that its Skilled Nominated visa scheme was overwhelmed.

The Tasmanian government found itself in a similar situation earlier this year, and I have been informed that it will be allowing all international students who had moved there before its scheme closed to be grandfathered into this year’s visa allotment.

I am pleased that this petition has been referred to the Education Committee, but if ACT Labor and the Greens value our migrants as much as they claim, I fully expect them to implement a similar fix here, and to do so before it’s too late for these students.


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