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Government should prioritise traffic safety measures at dangerous intersection

Wednesday February 21, 2018

The Labor-Greens government should prioritise in its upcoming budget the safety of motorists traveling the dangerous intersection of Tillyard and Ginninderra Drives, Member for Ginninderra Elizabeth Kikkert said today.

Following numerous car accidents at this intersection, Mrs Kikkert will today call on the government to plan for traffic safety measures in its upcoming budget and to specify when the measures will be implemented. The safety measures should come from recommendations made in a traffic study which, now long overdue for release, Mrs Kikkert will also ask the government to present.

“I have battled with the government on this issue for years, before I was elected to the Assembly,” Mrs Kikkert said.

“How many more accidents have to occur before the government implements much-needed safety measures such as traffic lights? There have been more than 120 car crashes at this intersection since 2003, and at least 35 of those resulted personal injury.

“The government made minor improvements in 2011, but these weren’t good enough, and the accident rate actually went up afterwards.

“Just recently, three people were hospitalised. But every time I raise the matter with the relevant minister on behalf of my community, it gets knocked back.

“This neglectful approach is dangerous. Motorists, the community and road planning experts all agree that this intersection is a point of great concern.

“Despite this, all the Transport and City Services Minister Meegan Fitzharris has offered is a vague promise that it will be considered in the future.

“This is not good enough. The government has been aware of the traffic risks at this intersection for years. Minister Fitzharris should stop dawdling and start prioritising the safety of Canberra road users,” Mrs Kikkert concluded.

Elizabeth Kikkert MLA at the Tillyard and Ginninderra Drives intersection.



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