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The ACT Government fails to genuinely engage with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Today the chief minister called on his own government ‘to develop a community awareness campaign’ for the Voice Referendum, even though he had already publicly announced this campaign. Beforehand, I reached out to friends and leaders from across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. None of them knew anything about this.

Mr Barr should be ashamed that he did not discuss this motion with community first, ignoring the important maxim: nothing about us without us. Consequently, the Canberra Liberals (unsuccessfully) moved amendments to encourage Labor and the Greens ‘to consult and listen to the ACT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community’, who have a diverse range of views on the referendum.

I spoke in support of these amendments, and as requested by some community leaders and members, I reminded government MLAs that, instead of posturing in the Assembly, they should actually be doing the things that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been asking for, identifying significant failings within my shadow portfolio responsibilities of Corrections and Families, Youth and Community Services. I invited two local Indigenous leaders to be present for the debate, and I am deeply grateful that they came.

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