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Dryland Ovals – Land Management Plans: Response to Ministerial Statement

I welcome the consultation being conducted with Florey primary school and the wider community on the future of the Florey oval.

This consultation will lead to a refresh of a portion of the oval commencing in 2023. Concept art for the refresh can be found on the YourSay website. The remaining part of the oval should also be subject to community consultation before work is done on it. Letterbox drops, in-person consultation at the shops and online outreach should all be used to engage the most amount of people in the process.

The Holt dryland oval is currently being rehabilitated for practice and competitive play. It is important this work is being done now as the Kippax expansion will be built partially on an existing oval. The rehabilitation of the Holt dryland oval will replace that oval and expand the total amount of sport playable ovals in Holt.

It would have been ideal if the government had applied that forward thinking to the parking situation at Kippax, creating temporary parking before selling off the carpark that is now inaccessible to Kippax users.

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