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Krishna and Kanti OAM

Today in the assembly I publicly congratulated two men (whom I am blessed to call friends) on being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. Born in a small Indian village that had no electricity, roads or schooling past year 5, Krishna Nadimpalli walked each day to a neighbouring village to study, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, and a PhD. He moved to Australia in 200 to work at UC and has tirelessly served Canberra’s Indian, Hindu, multicultural and interfaith communities.

Kanti has also pursued learning, studying in Fiji, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. He cofounded Canberra’s Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre, and for ten years has been the vice chairman of the Hindu Council of Australia. He has helped drive a neurosurgical project in Fiji and has worked here at home to improve aged care services for CALD Australians.

Neither man craves public attention, but it was my pleasure to congratulate them both.

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