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I am no stranger to the struggles and heartaches caused by domestic violence. From my own personal experiences, I have learned the importance of family safety and the right we each have to feel safe in our personal relationships and in our homes.

As Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, I have regularly voiced my concerns to the ACT Government about domestic violence in our city. I am committed to holding the Government to account and have a particular focus on:

  • Prevention and early intervention services

  • More investment for frontline services so that community needs are being met

  • Better long term supports for those impacted by domestic violence

  • Listening to children and young people who have been impacted by domestic violence and providing effective support that will improve their outcomes.

  • Proper and transparent spending of the Safer Families Levy


Like so many of you, I am committed to fiercely advocating for what we need to eliminate domestic violence and strengthen families.

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