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Restore the ANU Bus

Bus service on the ANU campus began in 1980 and continued for 39 years. The university grew up around this bus route, with residence halls built along the route so that students could access safe, reliable transport.

After almost no consultation, the ACT Government cut this bus service in 2019, making life difficult for many students. On behalf of those students, I tabled a petition in the Assembly on 21 March 2019 calling on the ACT Government to restore this bus route. ACT Labor and the Greens said no.

Exactly four years later, an almost identical petition was tabled today by Greens MLA Jo Clay. I took the opportunity to remind her and everyone else that I and the Canberra Liberals had already tried to get this bus service restored but were ignored.

I predicted that once again ACT Labor and Ms Clay’s own Greens Party will refuse bus service to the more than 3,700 students who live along ANU’s Daley Road – a population larger than that of most suburbs in my Ginninderra Electorate. I hope that someday Canberra has the government it deserves and ANU students have their bus back.

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