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Looking Forward to a Liberal Government

Most Canberrans want this city to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Under Labor and the Greens, our combined tax burden has become the nation’s highest. The Canberra Liberals will freeze residential rates for four years and deliver rent relief from day one.

Under Labor and the Greens, health services have been neglected. The Canberra Liberals will deliver the world-class health system that our city deserves.

A recent study found that the ACT is not business friendly. The Canberra Liberals will make our city the best place in the nation to operate a business.

Compared with similar communities, Canberra has the nation’s worst educational outcomes. The Canberra Liberals will make sure that our kids get the best education.

Labor and the Greens have closed bus stops and cancelled services across our suburbs. The Canberra Liberals will restore a reliable public transport system.

Labor and the Greens have overseen a loss of 3,000 trees every year for the past seven years. The Canberra Libers will plant and care for 1,000,000 trees.

Finally, the Canberra Liberals will treat the disadvantaged with respect, introducing a legal entitlement to Family Group Conferencing, as I announced earlier this year.

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