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Canberra kids encouraged to go back to their roots

Young people in Canberra are invited to investigate and creatively express their family and cultural heritage in the Back to Your Roots 2017-18 writing competition launched on the weekend by Canberra Liberals Youth and Multicultural Affairs spokeswoman Elizabeth Kikkert.

Back to Your Roots 2017-18 is a competition that encourages young people to express their cultural heritage in a creative piece of writing such as a poem, song, story, comic, script or essay.

“In my culture, Tongan people often talk about going ‘back to our roots’,” Mrs Kikkert said.

“I recently had the opportunity to go back to my own roots on the occasion of my aunt’s death. As I participated in our traditional mourning observances, I realised there was so much of my cultural heritage that I still did not understand. But I know that the more my understanding grows, the more my identity as a Tongan-Australian woman strengthens.

“I designed this writing competition specifically to motivate young people who live, study or work in the ACT to explore their heritage. I want to encourage them to talk to their families, gather stories and then share in writing an insightful appreciation of one or more aspects of their cultural heritage.

“I am inviting all Canberra youth from eight to 18 years to go back to their roots over the summer holiday to find out more about who they are and where they came from. All submissions will be judged and prizes will be awarded to winners in each of three age divisions.

“The winners, and other select entries, will also have their submission published online.

“I hope that many Canberra kids will be inspired by my Back to Your Roots writing competition to learn more about their cultural heritage and draw closer to their families.

“I look forward to announcing the winners in February. Watch this space,” Mrs Kikkert concluded.

Entry forms and further information about the competition are available from the official Back to Your Roots website:

Entries close midnight Friday 26 January 2018.


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