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Beautifying Belconnen’s Benjamin Way

Benjamin Way is an important street that was designed to be the main entryway into the Belconnen Town Centre – identified in the 2001 Belconnen Master Plan as the centre’s ‘Main Street’. As such, its southern half is a formal boulevard with a wide median planted with grass and rows of attractive elm trees.

Unfortunately, north of Chan Street and Cameron Avenue, buried stormwater pipes prevented the planting of trees, leaving this area bare. In fact, the median between the Department of Homeland Affairs and the ABS is little more than dirt.

This lifeless landscape does not suit what should be a welcoming and attractive entryway into the heart of Belconnen. Fortunately, several years ago City Services determined the stormwater pipes are deep enough to allow for the planting of trees. But no trees have been planted yet.

Last year the ACT Government committed to planting an additional 1,330 trees over three years. This means the money is already there. Please join me in calling upon the government to beautify the northern half of Benjamin Way by adding trees and other plantings to its median.

Click here to sign the petition.


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